Want to boost employee satisfaction and productivity? Start by improving these 3 conditions.

A recent Harvard Business Review article published by Jeanne C. Meister explains that wellness programmes and extra work perks are less important to employee satisfaction and productivity than offering a high quality workspace.

Instead of spending more money on extras, their survey of interviewing over 1,600 people concluded that the focus should be on providing the below three factors first:

Better air quality + -

Over 58% of respondents said that the quality of the air at work matters. Being able to adjust the room temperature is also very important. Finding a place with windows providing access to fresh air as well as having a good ventilation system makes people more alert and less drowsy and tired.

Access to natural light + -

Half of the respondents said that access to natural and comfortable light is very important. In fact, one-third want to control their overhead and desk lighting as well as the levels of natural light streaming in.

Ability to personalise your workspace + -

Respondents would rather personalise their work environment than opt for unlimited vacation.

Other than temperature and light, being able to adjust the noise levels and ‘soundscape’ their workspace is key. Being in a quiet environment with limited distractions enables you to focus and concentrate and that really helps in your productivity.

All the above contribute to offering a workplace which according to their findings, could reduce absenteeism up to four days a year. Employees who are satisfied with their work environments are more productive and more likely to stay at their current job over competitors.

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