New Year, new working habits?

I am sure you have heard many people giving tips about enhancing productivity at work, some being more important than others. Here is a list I gathered, as there are only so many hours in the day and a  more productive and satisfied employee is a crucial part of any business.

The vital ones…….

Distribution of roles, responsibilities and powers + -

clear job duties can help an employee understand what is always expected. The satisfaction gained by completing each task can make an employee work harder and be eager to achieve better results.

Communicating the company’s targets + -

sharing the targets, missions and dreams as a leader is always well received by a team. It allows employees being engaged with each goal, having a clear direction and motivates them towards completing it.

Training + -

it is essential to have training schemes at work as the improved skills and the extra knowledge will drive the team to a higher level ready to face the new challenges arising daily.

Technology + -

an up-to-date software and hardware system ensures that no time is wasted on unnecessary crashes, which are always a nuisance to all. A fully operational and well-maintained structure can increase productivity levels.

The practical ones…….

Set priorities and deadlines + -

Decide what to do first and always remember the time limit that each task has to be completed in order to save time and energy.

Always keep notes + -

Whether with a simple pen and paper or a more sophisticated notepad, keeping notes is essential to remembering every part of a discussion. This can save time and the hassle of having to go back to re-examine a subject.

And last but not least…….

BE HAPPY smile, be positive, be kind, go and talk to other colleagues for a while, have small breaks, put on the running shoes and go out for a small walk to boost happiness levels, as a happy and less stressed employee is bound to be in love with their work and for sure to perform better.