3 Factors for a good working environment

The workplace is one of the most important factors that affects how people feel about their work.

When we talk about workplace, we mean an organizational culture, a series of relationships between colleagues, as well as the physical space where we spend so many working hours and which helps our personal development.

A good workplace can boost your productivity. So, when deciding on a job, don’t fail to investigate whether the workplace is right for you.

Don’t forget how important it is to smile when going to work!

So, here are the 3 most important factors which both employees and supervisors value in a workplace.

#1 the work life balance

Many studies show that when employees fulfill the various needs and goals in their lives, such as around family, friends, spiritual pursuits, self-improvement, then they can feel more confident about themselves. In addition, they perform better at work.


A good work life balance can improve employees’ job satisfaction, because they feel they are not neglecting their personal life. While they focus on their work, it is important that office-goers feel happy and confident, enjoying a nice rapport between them, and a healthy environment in which everyone has the chance to express their opinion. 

#2 team - work & team spirit

Everyone feels good when they belong to a group. For this reason, it is crucial that employees collaborate and work for the common good, and for the interests of their company.

It is necessary for them to feel and understand that they have common goals, and that by working together with respect and courtesy they can achieve these goals. Where teams show this, every obstacle becomes a lot easier to overcome.

Every employee is given the opportunity not to be afraid to propose ideas, to improve procedures and working conditions.

People can trust each other, and there is mutual respect between them.

#3 training & development – ‘food’ for a good & healthy working environment

A company that focuses on training and development truly cares about its employees and boosts the productivity of the entire organization.

As technology evolves rapidly, continuous employee training is essential. Today, there is a constant stream of new methods and strategies, and managers must invest in developing the skills of their employees.

Employees feel challenged and purposeful as they obtain new skills. They also feel important and recognized. There is nothing more rewarding for managers and employees to continue pulling in the right direction.

With recognition comes self-confidence, making people become happier and more motivated in their workplace.

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